My blogalicious experience


After disconnecting from the world for an entire morning recovering from the conference (LOL), I want to take a moment to recap what just happened.

I was honored to be able to meet so many different bloggers this weekend. You all inspired me!

Specially with friends like Maura Hernandez , Ana Flores , and Jeanette Kaplun you made everything worthwhile. Also speaking with my dear friend, Amanda Rodríguez from The Dude Mom was fantastic and the feedback was very positive, so let’s not give up on Facebook yet!! 🙂

The things that most stuck with me this conference are the following. Sorry if I don’t say from whom they are, but I’m sure you’ll recognize them and let me know!

  • Surround yourself with people that respect and support your ideas, sometimes friends and family members will not understand, it’s ok to push them away.
  • Life gives you punctuations. Make them be the inspiration to be great.
  • Greatness is NOT for part-time thinkers.
  • Allow criticism.
  • Love your haters they are your BIGGEST fans!
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Your pitch (about yourself) has to be more about what you can do than your title. They can read that on your card.
  • Analytics. Your new best friend! Use them in Facebook, Pinterest and of course, your blog.

There was a lot of very technical presentations that is would be too long for me to write here. As you can tell I left with so much information.

Attending Blogalicious has been the best investment I have done for my blog!!

Thanks to ALL the people that work on the Blogalicious conference this year, specially Veronica Güity  , Jazzy Jonez and Stacey Ferguson .

I will be there next year!!

Kisses from Mexico!

Mamá Gallina